What is


Under Land Buyer Representation, the buyer receives client-level services. As our client, I am obligated to look out for the buyers best interest in the land purchase transaction.

First, I immerse myself in the task of finding and matching the right property to your wants, needs, desires, and budget based on our detailed requirements questionnaire.

My land buyer clients tell me they really appreciate the level of detail and the private, online, real-time custom mapping information I provide for potential properties - very often more mapping detail than the listing agent provides!

My (on the ground) land tours are very comprehensive - (bring your boots and plenty of water)!

Also, as an FAA Certified Remote Pilot, sUAS when we go on land tours you can expect me to get "Lucy" (my drone!) in the sky where we can gain a unique perspective of the subject property and surrounding neighborhood as you evaluate property purchases. I also capture aerial video and photo for your (and other decision makers) review after the tour.

Once we agree we have found your ideal property, we negotiate acquisition in your best interest.

Bottom line: I live LAND every day - use my expertise to find and acquire your ideal property under the best possible terms and conditions for your investment.